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Summer Home by Marc Adamus

I figured I’d share this one here even if it is ‘just’ another wildflower/mountain/sunset type scene, because the place itself is very special to me. I’ve spent, by my count, about 100 days of my life backpacking through remote areas in Olympic National Park. I could live there. I’ve done a complete foot traverse of the park, two 2+ week off-trail trips through rain forests and dozens of other trips over fifteen years, like this past week with friends, where we did a 5-day up and back through the North Fork Quinault. Somewhere between the end of the river valley and the highest peaks in the park we detoured off-trail for a couple days to get into some exquisite mountain parks at their summer peak. We started one day in the rainforest and ended up camping at the foot of a glacier! Anyway…just some thoughts about what moves me to explore and photograph I like to share from time to time. If this same scene was buzzing with tourists like Rainier or Yosemite I would probably have not taken out my camera. It’s something about the thrill of exploration, of seeing new places, being alone with the wilderness and in the hands of freedom here that is my inspiration.

The image was taken using a 5-stop ND filter with an exposure of 20 seconds, catching a little cloud motion for effect and added direction towards the focal point. The long exposure also serves reduces/eliminates the harsh sun/shade lines that would otherwise be visible on the peak with light coming through the clouds. It is a single exposure with a 14mm lens.

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