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Cosmic Balance (return) by Michael Goh

I took this image in August 2013 and it won Astrofest in Western Australia in March 2014. It’s Astrofest again today, so I thought I would make some slight adjustments to it and repost. I don’t like reposting images – so may not stay long.

I find it interesting to see how I’ve changed as a photographer since I took this photo. This was the first 2 tier panorama that I did along a series of tests that I did with crescent moon lighting. The photo was included in the ice in space calendar and also a recent book The Universe – yours to discover (based on astrofest for the last 5 years) – and I’ve noticed that the image was a bit warmer than on my monitor and on test prints. So for a very slight edit – I’ve just done a bit of balancing and also used a luminosity mask to bring down the light pollution bouncing off the cloud to the left a little.

This image reminds me a few things with my astrophotography images – cloud can add interesting elements to the image, crescent moon lighting is one of my favourites (refer my article in my blog on quality of light) and – I’ve learnt since this image to push the camera a lot more. This was at ISO 2000 – nowadays I use ISO 6400 as my usual setting, but will keep changing and playing around with the idea of improving myself.

Also sorry about the watermark in the bottom middle – I’ve been having my images copied on some places without credit – and on the side it gets cropped out >_<. I know anyone serious about copying can remove it anyway.

The Pinnacles at Nambung National Park in Western Australia about 160kms north of Perth – 15 image panorama 8 on the top 7 at the bottom at a 13% luminosity moon (included in the frame in the top right). The distortions around the sides are from the merging into a panorama, but I am comfortable with the effect. Reprocess due to developing my post processing skills.

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