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Coming Around by Ryan Dyar

One of my favorite mornings of shooting I’ve had over the years. Alone in the mountains of Montana, freezing my ass off, under one of the better sunrises I have seen in my life. I have another shot of this morning that is one of my more popular photos, but I stumbled across this one recently and decided to give it work up.

Anyways, I finally got the second video in my post-processing instructional series up and available on my site. In this video I show you easy ways of creating a dreamy atmosphere without sacrificing texture, as well as how to obtain the dark, rich, and dramatic mood I often express in my post processing. Very simple techniques that yield bold results. If you’re interested, head on over to Ryan Dyar Photography. and check it out. You will also find info on my other video, processing lessons via Skype, workshops, and an EPIC tour to Norway that I’ll be teaming up with Arild Heitmann for!

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